Payment Gateways India

11 Top Payment Gateways India for E-commerce Websites


Things today are getting more techy, fast, and automated that even with just a click of your smartphone, transactions can be done in less than a minute. One visible manifestation of today’s advancements in the way how merchants get to transact payments via online. These are what we do call Payment Gateways. In this topic, you will get to know 11 Top┬áPayment Gateways India which you can apply on your e-commerce store pretty easily.

What is a Payment Gateways India?

Things today are getting more techy, fast, and automated that even with just a click of your smartphone, transactions can be done in less than a minute. One visible manifestation of today’s advancements in the way how merchants get to transact payments via online. These are what we do call Payment Gateways.

Through a Payment portal like your smartphone, a website or front-end processors, Payment Gateways can get your payments flowing in a flash to purchase things you need. This online service provider gets the use of electronic payments by credit cards, bank transfers, or online banking which makes it very convenient for completing payments in time even at the convenience of your own home. If you are into online business, or possibly an online retailer or buyer, perhaps for the typical type of brick-and-mortar business venture, online payments are today’s trend and today’s hype to get your business running faster. Big thanks to the advent of Payment Gateways.

In the world of e-commerce, transactions between people, client and the merchant, has never been made easy with the online money transfer. But we must not confuse ourselves with the function of payment processors versus payment gateways. In simple terms, payment processors do all the analyzing of the data being inputted. Payment gateways have the responsibility to authorize the payment transaction to be carried out and processed. Most of the applications we get to use anyhow are payment gateways, the ones which clients or customers search for to get the transaction started.

Payment Gateways in India for E-commerce Websites

Different Payment Gateways have different features to aid the customer in his or her transactions. They also have different strategies in participating against fraudulent practices in money transfer. Whatever the technique will be or whosoever is the service provider creating the application, payment gateways sure do have the same function. This is in dealing with your online transactions which are mostly the transfer of electronic money and information.

In India, there are a handful of these very reliable payment gateways or e-commerce websites that allow online transfer of funds with convenience and speed. If you are that business-minded geek who wants to set-up an e-commerce store in India, you should consider to partner yourself with one of the well-known and most-used payment gateway in the country. But fishing for one is not that easy for it takes detail-oriented evaluation, verification, and documentation of many payment gateways included in the list. If you are an online customer fanatic, making sure also of the payment gateway participated by an online shop makes a lot of points to the online store’s credibility. This thing is also a big thing to be considered in making your payments.

If you are thirsty in searching for the best one, we got a useful list for you that you may want to check. India has the dean’s list of payment gateways that creates a good ruckus in the line of online transactions.


Founded by a strong team of alumni of IIT Roorkee, Razorpay has paved the way in becoming one of the leading payment gateways in India. With their fast, secure and affordable means for connecting merchants, customers, and different institutions, businesses can focus more on building great products while leaving the payments’ simplification to them. Multiple companies have entrusted their business payments with Razorpay over the years. They have a rough estimate of 65,000 businesses directly connected to it.


A new revolutionized look has been integrated with this payment gateway’s business to business transactions. CCAvenue, authorized by Indian financial institutions, have gained the trust of a lot of Indian-based businesses and merchants. With real-time transactions on different modes of your choice, Credi Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Wallets, and many more, CCAvenue has catered these transactions relentlessly as every business’ reliable payment partner. So far, CCAvenue has reached out its venture only for websites owned only by Indian entities.


Merchant-centric in nature, Direcpay has been one of India’s largest payment gateway solutions. Retailers who want to make business online has made huge leaps in creating a big market in the country. Direcpay works to be directly integrated with Mobile payments, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking. If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and secure processor for your payments with the lowest fees possible, check Direcpay. You may find even a lot of interesting distinct advantages that can push your business in India even better.


80 plus of the top 100 companies engaging in e-commerce is using PayUbiz. Breathe on as you continue to make the best out of your business as you let PayUbiz do the behind-the-scenes operations in keeping your business’ payments. This payment gateway does leverage their way to innovate more of their software and technology for the best experience every customer has when transacting with PayUbiz’s business partners. The major feature PayUbiz caters is Mobile focused. Thus it makes faster and more authentic means to do online payments on your Android and IOS.


PayUmoney is another user-friendly payment gateway as they engage mostly on the ease of lightweight mobile SDK or Software Development Kit. They have one of the fastest activations that enable you to accept payments within 5 minutes. With the convenience of choosing your preferred bank account to collect payments and a wide range of payment options, PayUmoney makes your payment experience more flexible and efficient.


India now has its Multi-channeled payment gateway that endorses payments even in your comfort zones via SMS or by email and even in social media like Facebook and Whatsapp. Whatever the transacting website will be, Instamojo has the experience and the taste for your growing retail business. With over 4 million businesses in the record, Instamojo has garnered proficiency and effectivity with their business clients all over India. Simple as creating payment links, then sharing it with customers, then get paid is what makes Instamojo not just good, but the best choice too.


With just a click in this easy-to-use, new UPI app, Citrus pay makes payment online at the base of your fingertips, and at the convenience of your smartphones. A specialized financial service provider that works easily as you either send money, request money, split money or just pay in store. Belonging to PayU Payments, this payment gateway has become a consumer brand trusted by many merchants and customers.


One of India’s largest payment platform is now in your hands. Introducing Paytm, leader and pioneer of the country’s QR based mobile payments. With investors such as Softbank, Ant Financial, and the Alibaba Group, you won’t have any second thoughts about the way how Paytm performs. With 7 million merchants constantly relying on Paytm, and even contributing and sharing ideas and opinions for the better, Paytm grows even stronger.


Want seamless integration of your business payment transactions? Try MobiKwik. With their Mobile friendly feature and design, and having all payment options in one integration, MobiKwik makes itself easy and comfortable for many business enthusiasts. Best offers MobiKwik gives is their best conversion rate, a guaranteed developer-first integration, PCI DSS certified payment security, and it’s built-in success rate monitoring analytics service.


Atom Technologies Limited enables you to do transparent and comprehensive payments, with no hidden cost and an upgradable pricing plan that can suit your needs in developing your business. With Online and Offline support, a large range of payment services will be in an arm’s reach for numerous payment inquiries and solutions. Reputable with its high success ratio, a 24/7 support team, with multiple payment options, and value adds that can greatly enhance your business, Atom Technologies makes it to their vision and mission towards a growing country. This is most especially in patronizing a cashless society to the people.


EBS or E-billing Solutions Pvt. one of India’s leading online purchasing facilitator that helps in the collection of payments from the customer’s end towards the merchant’s website. EBS has been recognized as India’s first merchant account provider able to achieve the PCI DSS 3.0 standards, higher than any other payment gateway in the area of security standards. With a number of offices and a strong headquarters located in Mumbai, EBS has a strong reputation in building up the payment sector of many different businesses and websites that are well satisfied with their services.