PubG Introduction & How to Play PubG Mobile on Pc? Simple Methods


Introduction About PubG Game

First player and third player shooting games have been a famous kick to many online gamers and game fanatics since the start of the 21st century. They have gone wild for even more as the years went with many competitors in the field of online, PC, and mobile gaming. But with a greater level of popularity and entertainment, one game made its way to the top, surpassing other game genres such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Out from the recesses of Brendan Greene’s creativity came out PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! In this article, you will get to know how to play PubG Mobile on Pc in simple methods.

Inspired by the film, Battle Royale, the game caught widespread attention from many players from a hundred thousand to a million. This statistics has unbelievably soared even at the early access of only 4 months from its beta release. This is truly amazing! Curiosity peaked to players worldwide switching from their typical Steam games to the newly introduced world of Battlegrounds. But what made the game very famous in just a short click of time?

PubG History

PubG Corporation, under the ownership of a South Korean video game company called Bluehole, developed such a game that brought with it many accolades for just a span of only months. Behind it is the creativity of Brendan Greene, also known as “PlayerUnknown”. As a hardcore gamer, graphic artist, and web designer, he came up with the idea of making such a horrendously terrific game that has high replayability where players don’t get too bored with the redundancy of maps and a low-level of expectancy as the game prolongs.

Well, it took quite long before the realization came ever since the inspiration he got from his earlier video games, the previous game mods he created, and the inspiration from the genre of the year 2000 film, Battle Royale. With the help of a South Korean game designer under Bluehole, Chang-Han Kim, who has ever dreamed always of a Battle Royale-like gameplay, made the dream a reality. Nevertheless, the game only took a flight in the year 2017 that it highly overshot its competitors in online gaming.

With a staggering ten million rounds of the game played in the first 4 months starting March 2017, it’s beta release, it defeated the winning streak of Dota 2 way back in 2016. This count has accelerated as it was completely launched by December 2017 until its introduction to mobile gaming by February 2018. This made an appalling 50 million sold by June 2018 across different platforms.

How to Play PubG Mobile on Pc?

On the 2nd year since the launch of PUBG, on March 2018, the game is now on an outbreak in every smartphone available, either Android or iOS. Powered by a Chinese company called Tencent Games, the game has become phenomenally available in both PC and mobile. But a lot has considered, despite its access in either PC or mobile, the mobile version of the game to be ready in PC. Now that is something to be worked out for. But here are two ways in which we can make it possible. Anyhow the game is free at either means of installing.


One is through Bluestack. If a player wishes to play their desired Android and iOS games on PC, this application is ready for use. This is very favorable for those who want to experience the game on their PC’s big screen. Your Battleground app is also made possible for installation in your laptops through Bluestack. This application is free and downloadable online.

Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Another means is through the Tencent Gaming Buddy. If you want the best emulator for the game, Tencent Gaming Buddy is perfect, most especially for your PUBG experience. Tencent Games spearheaded the mobile version of the PUBG so they have provided the emulator, free for download where you can combine mouse and keyboard in your PUBG app.

Why is it so Popular?

The question that so easily swayed the public into playing the game is, “What would you do if you are in a post-apocalyptic situation like this?”. With the query, the game has grabbed the attention of millions. PUBG is an online multiplayer game that somehow displays the similarities of most online shooting games such as Counter-Strike and Grand Theft Auto. However, the difference in its gameplay makes the atmosphere intense and distinct compared to former counterparts since it has more things in store that surprise the players along the game. This created a huge blow of interests to gamers when they got into the news of this newly released addiction.

So what’s so unique with Battlegrounds? Uniqueness and the element of surprise and action have made the game surge on top. Player versus player, the deathmatch ends with the last man or team standing. Players won’t be on geared suits at first, unlike how military men do appear in other shooting games. You will be just like a casual citizen, along with a hundred players, in perfect timing, parachutes to a designated place or island, barricaded by a blue wall on the map’s perimeter that gradually shrinks over time.

This can create an outturn of events when players meet other players on the field fighting for survival using different weapons, vehicles, and armory scattered in the map or scavenged from other killed players. With a bomb zone in red on random areas and greed-inducing freebies from loot packages dropped by planes will make the game more exciting. Different strategies have been integrated by the developer of this game so as to act like an online Hunger Games so that players get more possibilities to encounter other players.

How about money? Get rewards or an in-game currency as you reach longer durations of being a survivor within the game. Even better if you have a great kill count during the course of the game. Mostly the game lasts for about 30 minutes or longer depending on the excitement and skill of players posed. But you can never cheat in regards to this side of the game neither in any other aspects inside the game since it is empowered by “BattlEye”. It’s a powerful software within the development of the game that prevents the use of cheats and this authentic strategy paves the way for more thrill and blood-boiling experience to every player.

PUBG’s kind of gameplay has never been introduced in other former online shooting games and the style depicted is thrilling and brutalistic were players get more possible options to customize and build strategies with unexpected terrain and surprising game threats. With so much dedication from Bluehole’s team, Greene’s dream to get this all-new level of war-like, end time apocalypse game makes so much progress and interest to the common public.