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You might have that all-too-promising company that has that popular notion in the public. Yet in its name, you had a hard time how to get your audience updates about the latest events, releases, and products. In a different scenario, you got this very unique and mind-blowing topic for your business but you don’t have the means to spread the news. If you want your fans or soon-to-be-fans to get your newest trend or the most up-to-date activities on your website, use Press release sites. They act like the media journalists that spread your newest releases to the common public.

Press Release Sites Introduction

These sites can have a lot of different means on how to put your products and newest trends in the air. They may include your website’s fresh releases in their news with a better angle of promotion. Or they would prefer to announce your products plainly to the driven audience. In usual practices, most online businesses try to gather all their newest products and services and make it into one big release for the public to enjoy scrolling through.

Press Release Sites
Press Release Sites

The essence of the majority of Press release sites is to share something newsworthy for the audience. It acts as a supplement or a complement to the SEO articles you have already produced or blogs you’ve posted. This gives the most effective if you have gathered a lot of followers to your blog or related posts. At least this gives some excitement to your followers for anything new you can give them that can help them better in their needs.

There may be interrogations or rumors that this SEO strategy has gone off the beat. It started ever since most online marketing experts and hackers have used it to their advantage for backlink production. If you say that it’s newsworthy, then it is like posting your newest feeds in the newspaper that is worthy of our knowledge. Press release sites now have made a move for this unnecessary noise in the SEO industry. Their reputation has been strengthened as measured by search engines have been implemented. Now Press release sites are back in the business of making that online newspaper every news addict wants to hear. Also, check out High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites here.

Role of Press Release Sites in SEO

All that is to be considered by a businessman when utilizing a Press release site is to ask if people do need to know about the topic and is it newsworthy or not. Consider placing this strategy in an actual press release. Then try to ask if the chief editor will accept your request for publicity in their editor’s pages.

The big role of these Press release sites is to act as the newspapers carrying your updates and topics to the public. But instead of papers, they use the internet as a medium of networking your products and services to everyone. The probable place of your releases is being positioned as “News” on search engines like Google. This draws a lot of traffic to your website. It also creates a question to researchers typing in their inquiries: “what’s the fuss with this new trend?”.

The golden role of these sites is its ability to carry your generated news into an online newspaper or a famous blogger who got a lot of interest in your site. The more eloquent, promising, authentic and eye-catching your news will be, the more sites will try to advertise your news as their own news. They can even make it the cream of the crop topic of their own blog. This attracts more natural backlinks from interested followers of that famous blogger.

How to find Press Release Sites on the Internet

Typing in the keywords for the related search of Press release sites is a typical resort in finding a good one. But since this site has acted like a newspaper for your business’ landing page, most of them need some extra capital. Though a lot of these sites have been looking for payments before their services, still a group free Press release sites roam about in the net. You only need to do a little bit of tedious work to make the most of it.

If you get to compare the free and paid press release sites, there may be some slight differences in the scope of opportunity they give. Most of the free sites can only support your news in a web-based format. This can say that photos, videos and other linking and branding stuff are not part of their services. For the paid press release sites, the opportunities are far greater where you can advertise a lot of stuff regarding your posting. It is more of the opposite of the first category I described earlier plus tagging and some HTML formatted content.

The research materials between expert online marketers are quite rare and difficult for an average researcher. But some good and free press release sites are on the internet just like for example. It has ranked a high score in the page ranking system of search engines, it’s free and has cool other stuff that only paid press release sites do offer. This site can be one of them and there are still multitudes out there ready for search and scrutiny. But tips will be discussed further on in the succeeding topics, especially for the high page rank sites. So while you are thinking over this, try to get into those experts who have made their tests on various sites for the crowd to easily see which is best.

Why is Press Release Important for any Business?

The press release has been an official news spreader in the online business industry. Throughout the 21st century, this SEO optimization tool has made great heights for many online marketers not just in gaining links and authority. Many big, I mean really Big companies, have patronized the power of the worldwide coverage a press release site can give to their business. Large industries like the Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Forbes and even Facebook has reaped the goodness of its results.

Making advertisements on Press release sites can enhance the credibility of an ad because of the legitimate image it gives to the public. Blogs and Articles can be a good choice but making it trendy with a news-like format makes it more stunning. This medium has a strong drive to the advertising of your updates in most news feeds. Somehow, news feeds have a special place of visibility in search engines not competing in the line of organic search results making it contrasting to the SERPs. This is why businesses of all sorts wanted to grab the means of this tool in promoting their way up.

Things to consider when choosing high page rank Press Release sites for SEO

When considering for your high page rank Press release site, factors like Optimization, Dofollow and Nofollow, and inbound linking should be part of your vocabulary. I may have suggested one good press release site earlier, and it belongs to one of the high PR sites too. But lots can be found in the net if you properly fish for one.

Optimization would mean the ability of a site to boost your rankings through header tags or anchor text links. This is your main goal when you want to consider a high page rank site. They may have a high ranking yet sometimes the optimization part is missed out. But if you want to engage generating sales without the need of a rank boost, then maybe this term won’t matter that much to you. If you aim for a name in search engines, then see to it that they allow you those tags and links.

The website code of some press release sites may be inserted with the nofollow tag. Whenever if this the case of your chosen site, then the search engine bots can’t extract your backlinks to a page rank boost. Though there are quite a few benefits from using nofollow sites, it might take some more time to get it a hype in the internet traffic especially for those who are new to this business. If you make your search, make it sure that it is classified to be a dofollow and don’t let your backlinks lay a waste.

A Press release site also needs a boost by receiving inbound links. Anyhow, most high PR sites are qualified for these. Once it has a high rank, it means more inbound links from different sources are coming their way. If you get the hitch of letting them handle your press release post, then you too can gain that traffic the site can receive as well.

Benefits of Press Release sites in SEO

The Press Release industry, with the reputation it is holding with large companies, has championed lots of major benefits already. Most of it is pertaining to the actual results these large companies have benefited with it. But we can show you here some layman’s terms of benefits why a press release site can be a good choice for your next ranking technique.

1. Exposure

A news section by the search engine results can create a good prima facie (first impression) to the audience and a contrasting difference to the rest. Getting it into the online news creates high visibility rates to many researchers.

2. Natural Links

A lot of outside sources have their trust on these high page rank press release sites. They give natural inbound links to the site which is rank-contagious to your promoted name. The more natural the links are, the more credible will your business be also.

3. Branding

If you wish to create a name on the internet, create that brand along that famous name. A lot of popular and influential press release sites gets to bring their fame alongside the rest who chose to advertise with them. With a news-like character, the brand recognition idea is very much highlighted.

4. Traffic Drive

Of course with the greater popularity, the greater the traffic will be. Referral traffic is gathered in the same way as inbound links. The audience constantly presents on their site will be an audience you can reap and enjoy.

Here is a List of Press Release Sites:


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