No Follow links value

What is NoFollow Links Value in SEO?


Before getting into NoFollow links value in SEO, let’s know something about NoFollow links. What are these and how they affect search ranking? Most of the people who are in SEO business don’t want to create NoFollow backlinks why? Let’s look further into No Follow Links.

What are NoFollow Backlinks?

NoFollow backlinks are those which doesn’t give link juice back to your website. So the big question on everybody’s mind arises: Are No Follow Backlinks not important? …Wrong! These are also important and have unique values in terms of SEO. If you just create only Do Follow backlinks then, how Google ranks a website? What criteria Google will choose to rank a website when all have same backlinks to their website. If earning links would be easy and every link would be followed, then Google would ever penalize a website for creating too many backlinks. If that were so, then every man will become rich.

Let’s define in technical term what is a no follow backlink?

In a fundamental and easy way, is an HTML attribute which tells search engines that one particular backlink shouldn’t influence the website rankings of help with indexing.

Google is smart and has their own algorithm to measure the website popularity, authority and other things which led to rank a website.

NoFollow Links are vital for a good Google ranking. The logic is very easy to understand.

Google algorithm takes backlinks as a point of trust from the user. Your link quality will determine the trust between Google and rank accordingly. Don’t just make your goal to create links, and links, Google doesn’t only evaluate the number of links but also evaluate how good they are.

Note: When a website doesn’t use any SEO techniques or link building but has a good Google ranking, the quality of the content is the main key.

If visitors find the content relevant to their search they will surely make a recommendation via links, or Social Media. Most of the social sites use NoFollow links and the users to establish the links in a natural and organic way.

Always remember to create a good amount of DoFollow links to your site, but you have to also create NoFollow links too and this link building must be organic. Don’t create more than 100 links in 1 week because it’s not natural at all.

Value of No Follow Links in SEO

Creating a NoFollow link isn’t the end of the road, both for you and for your clients. These links have their own value and also benefits in building your strong brand online. NoFollow links have more power and value than you might think. Don’t just waste your time in finding only DoFollow links, cause a balance of both NoFollow and DoFollow is important.

For example, just think of a website that has High PR and ranked higher on the search engine such as, so if you manage to create a No Follow backlink here you will surely get value for your website. Spreading right content in comments will increase your brand value and people do come to your created backlink, anchor text or keyword.

Always note that you are not building backlinks to your website for PageRank, you are creating it and optimizing to get good traffic and high rank in Google, which will get you more traffic.

So don’t avoid No Follow links, it is as simple as that.

Remember: Google counts on authority links whether it is DoFollow or NoFollow. Google will also follow your internal NoFollow backlinks, the main difference is that Google will not give so much importance to them and will not index the pages marked with NoFollow link. But in Search Engine Optimization and link building, NoFollow shouldn’t be avoided.

Is there any limit to create No Follow Backlinks?

This question comes in every person who is in the SEO industry or planning to begin his or her career in this field. To be honest, there is no limit to create No Follow Backlinks however the quality is more important nowadays, so if you are creating quality NoFollow Backlinks there will be no issues. Simply remember not to spam any blog because it could damage your business reputation easily and Google may penalize your website.

NoFollow links appear just the same as DoFollow links, so a user will click on links either way. You will simply receive the traffic from clicks and if you research a little bit more at the webmaster tools you will find plenty of no follow links indexed, such as the one from Twitter or Facebook, etc. So there are exceptions to what these links can do and a good SEO company knows that.

NoFollow links value in SEO hasn’t changed that much in past years, but it is possibly considered as a co-citation by Google.

Prediction of ranking in search engine is always difficult. We can assume that NoFollow links will not change as a value in the next coming years, but surely they will an important factor of trust signal if coming from authority websites.

When is the most effective time for us to use NoFollow Links?

There is not a fixed time, but rather, it’s always beneficial to go after NoFollow links if it fits the mold of what a typical high ranking website’s link profile looks like for a specific keyword.

Remember some points when submitting NoFollow comment:

  • Don’t write off topic
  • Just Don’t spam
  • Don’t promote directly your business
  • Don’t leave comment to anyone harshly


The overall consent seems to be that it is difficult to say what is “NoFollow links value” because it depends on your goal and targeted niche.

The SEO professional or a good link builder would accept that NoFollow links don’t pass the value, but they are only a tiny bit more useful than creating no backlink at all.

On the other hand, some professional has a view that SEO is no longer about increasing search rank, but it is about traffic, revenue and brand awareness. It means even if you have created NoFollow link it can still attract a lot of traffic.

Some SEO persons predict that there may be a small increase in domain authority or page authority, but we have never viewed in the same way as do follow links.

Note: Don’t be afraid of creating DoFollow links, just remember don’t spam!