Axis Bank Reward Points

How to Redeem Axis Bank Reward Points | Step By Step Guide


There is nothing more promising than having a bank that not only gives you the ease of accessing and having your money but also reward you in every transaction. But how do we get these rewards being talked about? This is the Freebie everyone speaks about. If you want to hear more of the potential of being an Axis bank customer, you are most welcome to avail these – points! Here in this article, you will learn “How to Redeem Axis Bank Reward Points” easily.

What are Axis Bank Reward Points?

Axis bank has made much flight satisfying their customers to their daily needs and leisure. We call it the Axis Bank Edge Loyalty Rewards. This is their most carefully created program that induces the loyalty of Axis Bank customers. Make the most out of your Axis Bank transactions as you purchase, loan, a book for hotels or destinations, and even by just doing your first online bills payment.

Without further ado, what are Redeem points? These points when accumulated can heap huge amounts of fabulous awards. This is very legible for all savings account, credit card, and debit cardholders. Every transaction you make has corresponding points that can be redeemed for your dream goals, amazing deals, birthdays and occasions, little indulgences, gadgets, and so much more.

How do we get to Redeem points in our Account?

In accumulating points, there are designated freebies that you will be able to choose from in order to materialize your Edge Loyalty Awards. But the question is, how are we going to get those points out and use it? One good thing about our Axis bank account is that it is now within the reach of our handy-dandy smartphones and you can install the app for easy access.

First things first, to be able to redeem your points, it must reach a minimum number of 300 Edge Loyalty Reward points or higher. Usually, the rewards that you will be able to claim rangesfrom300 points and up. The higher the number of points accumulated, the better the perks.

IN the succeeding topic, we will be discussing specifics on the step-by-step procedure in getting your awaited rewards through the Axis Bank app. Getting every transaction in the convenience of your fingertips is our advocacy too!

Steps on How to Redeem Axis Bank Reward Points

These are the steps that you should follow through in order to access and claim your points. So get your smartphones ready and press something.

(1) Open your Axis Bank App and log-in your six-digit mPin

(2) In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the button “Menu”. Select it and click the “eDGE Loyalty Rewards” option.

(3) You will be directed to another page which says, “Reward Points” on the top. In the middle, you can see the points you have accumulated from your different transactions (Note that all the points garnered from either Savings, Debit, and Credit card will be clumped into one). On the bottom, click the option, “Redeem”.

(4) The next page directed to will be the “eDGE Rewards” page. It displays “Your Points” and “Family Points” on the top. On the options below, click “Redeem Now”. It has a (+) symbol right next to it. Then a list box will open.

(5) Under the “Redeem Now” options, three choices will appear. Click on “Recharges and Bookings”.

(6) “Recharges and Bookings” will show you three options to choose from which are: Mobile Recharge, Flight Tickets, and DTH Recharge. Right here, we will be showing you first how it goes if we choose “Mobile Recharge”.

(7) Under Mobile Recharge, by default, it has chosen “Postpaid” for the type of connection you have (but this depends on what Mobile Recharge you want to avail). Key in your Bank registered mobile number, Circle, and Operator. Then key in your desired recharge amount. Take note that in the amount, you can only redeem a minimum recharge amount of about Rs 60 per transaction.

(8) Another page will be directed to you which will show the number of points that will be deducted in your current accumulated reward points. The example given takes Rs 60 recharge axis bank. This is equivalent to 300 points from your account (Rs 1 is equal to 5 redeem points).

(9) If there are cases that the number of points required to redeem can’t compensate for the number of points you have, the system will prompt you charged for the remaining amount.

(10) Lastly, select “Pay Bill”.

Try to discover the rest of our other perks and freebies as you scope through and enjoy the benefits of being an Axis Bank Customer. Don’t have an Axis Bank app? You can download it for free in the Google Play store or in the Apple Store. Learn more and get the most out of our cool and amazing surprises that will give you at eDGE Axis Bank (

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