Hdfc Credit Card Application Status

How to check HDFC Credit Card Application Status


Introduction HDFC Credit Card Application Status

There are no regrets as you enjoy life’s fullest as you choose HDFC your partner in banking and exclusivity in lifestyle and living. As one the best banks in the country, HDFC has offered multiple services that can deem the common individual to have a credit card with them and refer the good news with friends and family. Here in this article, you will learn How to check HDFC Credit Card Application Status.

One good news HDFC gives generously to their clients is the ease of checking their credit card application status. Applying for an HDFC account is uncomplicated and fast as soon as the bank receives your application. You just got to remember certain details sent to you by the company once it has been done. You only need that SMS confirmation acknowledging your application with a reference number and an application number. Keep these two details in mind.

The bank has an eligibility criterion that once met after your application, an SMS message will give confirmation of your card’s approval and its shipment. Through AirWay, your card will be delivered which will be included in the SMS with the AirWaybill number. This may take some time and thus takes up the role on how to check your HDFC Credit Card Application Status while going through that waiting stage. Possibilities in your application can take longer or luckily, quicker. But this depends upon person to person or on location.

So how can you start?

As applicants find it easy to get that ideal account in HDFC, the quickest ways to access that query about your application’s status is through the online portal in In resorting to this procedure, you only need this information:

(1). Application Reference Number
(2). Application Form Number
(3). Mobile Number inputted in the Application
(4). Birth Date

All these requirements are not necessarily to be asked for in the portal but they are a list of options in case you lose some of the information that is considered legal details to access your account. In the portal, you can either choose one of these techniques. You can either access by:

(1). Encoding the Application Reference Number sent to you via SMS, after your application, which is consisted of 16 digits.

(2). Encoding the Application Form Number (also sent to you via SMS after application) partnered with the Mobile number you provided in your application, or

(3). Your Date of Birth

With those details in hand, you can now access the status of your application concerning your credit card in three different ways. It can either be:


In regards your Credit Cards status, checking it online within the same URL provided above is as simple as these steps:

(1). In the products tab of the portal, select for credit cards

(2). Look for “Important Links”

(3). In this page, click on the “Track your Credit card Application status” link.

(4). A new page will be redirected to you and will be required to fill in the necessary information on the black columns provided. You may use either of the two reference numbers or the mobile number you registered it with.

(5). Complete the other necessary details then click “Submit”


In case one of your legitimate identification numbers are lost or forgotten, having the mobile number would be handy.
(1). Visit the portal
(2). Key in your Mobile Number
(3). A One-Time-Password or OTP will be provided
(4). Encode the OTP and click “Submit”


What if all other options become futile? Not a worry. The Airway Bill Number provided for you earlier is a big plus if you have it also with you. This is most useful in emergency cases like these when you can’t make it with the other important details needed to access it.

(1). The site to be opened comes with a different URL:

(2). Key in the Air Way Bill number given to you via SMS after your application

(3). Click “Submit”