List of High PR Video Submission Sites for SEO Professionals

Every online content creator’s goal is to rank high in organic search results. Although, most creators lean with back-end search engine optimization. There’s a lesser-known yet effective way to optimize online rankings. It’s the most viable means of sharing information in this age and time – video submission. Here at LinkoFruit, you will find a complete list of High PR Video Submission Sites.

This huge area of SEO could give a great lift to your online reputation. Though it is lesser employed by many due to the intricacies of it. it found to be very beneficial for site’s link building. Startups who create relevant and appropriate videos have great opportunities to rank.

What Is Video Submission? 

Video submission is a process of personal, product or service information in video format. With the goal of getting quality backlinks and pushing traffic to one’s online platform. These sites do a great job to improve services, online reputation, and brand legitimacy.

High PR Video Submission Sites
Video Submission Sites

A successful video aim at promoting and influencing the sale of product and services.  In the context of SEO, videos don’t need to perform well in viewership but must direct numbers to creator’s online platform. It requires the creation of a good number of videos relevant to the site it’s linked to. Video link building requires pages set up on high PR websites like YouTube and Vimeo.  It is time dedicated to actually publishing on all the different accounts.

Due to heavy work, many do not want or even try to entertain the idea of video submission for SEO and link building. Also, check out High PR List of  Web 2.0 Sites here.

Why Do You Need Video Submission Sites?

It is one of the easiest ways of marketing, many big and small companies use this method. Video submission is one of the most effective methods to improve Google Page Rank in SERP.

Maybe owing to the small attention span of our generation, a video found to be the most popular means of sharing and receiving information. Video streaming and downloading have taken over 60% of online traffic. This is no surprise considering that humans are visual beings.

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” was not made in vain.

As technology further improves it’s easy to assume that video content could take over the internet. Because of increasing growth in video content, most advertisers and online marketers use this method to engage with their online audience. The viability of video content is exactly why using video submission as a method of link building is beneficial to your site’s SEO.

Further down we would be explaining some of these benefits.  But first, let us learn what kind of videos work best and the best high PR video submission sites to publish them.

What Kind Of Videos Should I Submit, and Where?

Your videos need to be high quality for it to be most impactful. Grainy or low-quality videos can reduce your chances of reaching a larger audience. Most of the mobile phones and low-cost cameras are able to produce high-quality videos. No doubt these phones can record good quality videos. Even more important than picture quality is audio quality. If your audience can’t listen to your words clearly, then the video is waste of time. Many video content creators use texts, subtitles to avoid problems with audio.

Several SEO companies also offer video submission services that will make work easy. These services include creation and publishing of videos relevant to your peculiar content. You can also customize these services according to your taste and style.

There are many video submission sites but most of the creators post their videos on YouTube. There are also other popular sites like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Flickr etc. These sites also boost audience reach but not as much YouTube. It is the most effective platform for videos. Many internet users use YouTube to search for tutorials, news content, music videos and much more.

Benefits of Video Submission

Video sites are the fastest growing social media platform. Social media is very important in Google’s SERP algorithm. Google strengthens the ranking of your website if it gets quality backlinks. Creating a short or effective video can give you access to quality traffic.

Forrester analysis states that in comparison with organic SEO methods, site and image, a video that is relevant, is 50 times more likely to reach a first-page the Google ranking. Since video content is difficult to produce, the competition for the search engine remains less. Many serious content creators who take the time out to use video submission methods reap remarkable benefits.

That said, there are more benefits of video submission for your site’s SEO: 

  • Your videos will appear on google video searches which offers you great benefits.
  • You can improve your revenue if someone likes your video
  • Push up your site traffic. If a person enjoys your video, they would most likely click your site link to find out more about you.
  • Improve brand popularity
  • It can shoot up your click rate
  • Have access to quality backlinks
  • It’s the quickest way to gain global popularity because your videos could go viral worldwide.
  • Improve relationship with your existing subscribers
  • Access quality inbound links
  • Gives you expertise in video marketing
  • Makes sure you stay relevant and your content reaches to most users.

The core of the discussion is that video sites have a very high page authority, which benefits the creators. This would mean that links generated through High Page Rank Video Submission Sites will be of high quality.

Organic site and image ranking are much harder to achieve owing to high competition. Meanwhile videos are less populated and in turn, less competitive. This would make it easier for you to rank highly in video search. It will increase your online reputation on all your connected sites. With the quality backlink and inbound links, you won’t go wrong with a video submission.

How To Properly Add A Video For Submission:

The following are steps to consider when submitting videos for search engine optimization

  • Content Quality:

Your videos must be informative and relevant to your site content. Do not produce generic videos that are not relevant to your brand or service.

  • Length:

Keep your video at 5 minutes or less so as not to bore or overwhelm your viewers. Short and straight to the point videos of even less than a minute do very well. Viewers are more likely to be curious to find out more thereby clicking your site’s link.

  • Title:

Create a catchy title. Use a keyword analysis to find out which keyword work best for your content and include one or more of those words in the titling.

  • Links:

Include links that direct viewers to related topics on your website. YouTube or Vimeo often help creators connect their video account to their actual website which increases views as well.

  • Tags:

Optimize your video with necessary tags. Make sure to include words that redirect to your site. For example, your site name and taglines should be in your video tags.

  • Description:

The description box must fill with a brief summary of the video’s content with relevant keywords. A description that is rich in keywords would allow the search engine to index and rank it higher.

  • Branding and Structuring:

Include your logos, intro, and taglines in your videos. This would help build your brand and structure your content.

  • Syndication:

Syndicate your videos by submitting them to RSS feed to gain a wider reach and audience.

  • Share on Social Media:


After uploading the videos, do not forget to share them on all your social media accounts.  You can also share on your blogs to maximize the reach. 

Find “High PR video submission sites” and upload your content. Make sure to read the upload direction on your preferred site. Make sure you’re not infringing on any copyrighted materials. Convert your video to high quality, acceptable format before uploading. Videos with keywords, descriptions, and texts tend to perform better. Also transcribed videos do better on YouTube SEO. Make sure your videos direct people to your site in other to push traffic.

In conclusion, video submission sites are the most effective way increase site traffic and improve online presence.

Many of you may wonder how your competitors stay relevant with high Google rankings.  The answer is Video Submission! 

So if you’re trying to gain SEO advantage you might want to consider the methods highlighted above. Go ahead and choose your preferred submission platform and begin the journey to better search rankings.

Here is a list of High PR Video Submission Sites:

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