HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Features, Benefits, Fees and How to Apply


Banking has continuously evolved throughout the years and the Housing Development Finance Corporation or HDFC has soared high since 1994. This company paved a way to assist and aid many Indian communities even around the world regarding the financial aspect of every individual. But what if HDFC bank is still able to give you something more? This can be a highlight for you and your day-to-day errands and this just doesn’t go to be any typical credit card. In this post, you will find all the necessary information about HDFC Regalia Credit Card Features, Benefits, Fees & How to Apply 

The HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Introducing the HDFC Regalia Credit Card, one of HDFC’s super-premium card entailed with amazing luxury and travel benefits that fits not just your style, but also your pocket. This low-cost credit card offers you the best of your experience in making that dream vacation while getting that high standard of security via the EMV chip and its PIN authorization facility. Take a fancy in checking out the credit card’s features and immerse in its goodness like no other.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Features and Benefits:

Here are the features that can give you a surprise:

(1). A conducive Web Portal that gives you travel and entertainment opportunities at very low prices
(2). All Overdue Payments will bear interest rates as low as 1.99%
(3). Offers High Reward Points (Get 4 Reward points for a purchase of up to Rs. 150)
(4). If you want the best, here is the best in your maximum luxury and travel getaway along with the deals offered to you in the credit card’s web portal
(5). Want access to 700 and more lounges in domestic and international airports? A Complimentary Airport Lounge Access via the Priority Pass Membership will be received made especially for the card-holder. Take note that a nominal fee will be charged in using a lounge facility.

For the Benefits? Nothing else can satisfy you more:

1. Travel and Lifestyle Benefits

Enjoy their exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits as part of HDFC bank’s elite customer group.

(a). 1000+ airport lounges all over the world will be made accessible by your credit card’s complimentary airport lounge access. With your Priority Pass Membership, access will not just be granted but also refreshments and facilities such as phones, internet, conference rooms, etc.

(b). Add-on cardholders are given the privilege to enjoy the benefits as well. Together the Primary Cardholder and the Add-on Cardholder can enjoy 6 complimentary accesses to International Priority Pass Lounges on other countries in one calendar year. In a quarter of a year, the Visa/MasterCard Lounge Programme offers two Domestic Lounge accesses.

(c). HDFC Bank Regalia Cardholders are offered with the Complimentary Club Vistara Silver Membership, which gives unparalleled benefits. You can earn 9 Club Vistara (CV) points on all Vistara Flights for every INR 100 spent. With an exclusive Priority Airport Check-in and Waitlist clearance and an additional 5kg baggage allowance. This is only valid for the Primary Cardholder within 1 year but renewal can be at the customer’s discretion.

2. Dining Benefits

To dine at premium restaurants across India is what HDFC Regalia gives you. You can choose to over 3000+ restaurants across the country as you enjoy a 15% discount on all exclusive dining privileges.

3. Financial Benefits

Financial benefits are also a privilege for the cardholder such as:

(a). Lowest foreign currency markup of up to 2% only on all your foreign currency expenditures.

(b). A Convenience fee waiver of 1% is entitled on all of your fuel transactions. This is only applicable for fuel transactions that reach between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000 with a maximum waiver of INR 500 per statement cycle. Fuel surcharge varies from 2.5% to 1% depending on the fuel transaction amount.

(c). Manage your payments at your own convenience as you revel for a 50-day interest-free credit. Pay only the minimum amount due of about 5% of its total amount with a minimum of about Rs. 200.

The remaining balance will be carried by the next month with a low interest of 3.495 per month.

4. Insurance Benefits

If you want to be ensured from various risks, let their comprehensive insurance program give you ease:

(a). An Air accident resulting to bodily injury or death will be covered with an insurable amount of Rs 1 Crore for the primary cardholder to be given to the nominated kin. This is applicable only within 12 months of the accident.

(b). Any medical emergency that took place outside the country when traveling will be compensated with a protection worth Rs. 15 lakhs.

(c). Credit Liability Cover of the primary cardholder will be up to INR 900,000. Claim procedure will be made available by the HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company

5. Welcome Benefits

Benefits are much more exciting when you earn points as you continuously use them. Welcome, Benefit of about 2500 Reward points and a Renewal Benefit of about 2500 Reward points which is applicable only when the membership fee is realized and not when the fee is waived off. Fees and charges will be tackled more ion the succeeding subtopics.

So How Can I Apply?

In order to apply, the application can be done online on their dedicated web portal. Browse under credit cards section. Choose this card and input the necessary details including the documents needed in the application page. Once completed, click “Apply” to submit. This will be sent to HDFC bank for further processing and don’t forget to prepare your original key documents which will be used for verification as soon as HDFC contacts you.

Terms and Conditions

Here is a list of items you need to know in order to be a legitimate HDFC Regalia Credit Card owner:

(1). In terms of application, both Indian and Non-Resident Indian have the privilege to apply for an HDFC Regalia Credit Card. This requires documents necessary for HDFC’s verification such as identity proof, residence proof, and income proof. The qualifications must be more than 21 years of age reaching up to a maximum age of 60 years, considering that the person is still earning/employed. If the person is self-employed, maximum age criteria will be 65 years of age.

(2). Monthly income for salaried or employed individuals should have at least Rs, 120,000 or more and self-employed individuals must have an annual earning of Rs. 12 Lakhs

(3). The membership fee for this credit card is Rs. 2,500 exclusive of the taxes.

(4). In order to get a Priority Pass Membership, 4 transactions should be completed in a statement within the first 90 days. By doing so, a link will be sent to your registered number where an application for a Priority Pass will be made available.

Fees and Charges applicable

Here is a list of the applicable fees and charges connected therewith to your credit card:

1. First Year Membership Fee – Rs. 2500/- + Applicable Taxes,
2. Renewal Membership Fee – Rs. 2500/- + Applicable Taxes
3. Spend Rs. 3L in 12 Months and get Renewal Fee waived for next renewal year.

Goods and Service Tax

(1). Effective by the 1st of July 2017, 15% KKC and SBC will be replaced by an 18% GST (Goods and Service Tax)
(2). Applicable charges on GST will depend on the place of provision or POP and place of supply or POS. Applicable GST would be CGST and SGST/UTGST or IGST if the POP and POS are of the same state.
(3). GST For FEE & Charges / Interest transactions Billed on statement date will reflect in next month statement.
(4). GST levied will not be reversed on Any dispute on Fee & Charges/interest.

About the EMV Chip Card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card comes with unparalleled safety and security when it comes to transactions thanks to their EMV Chip technology which dispels unauthorized credit card transactions. Chances of counterfeiting or skimming of your credit card will be virtually impossible in order to avoid copying and tampering of your credit card. Other EMV chip-enabled cards are available in HDFC such as Platinum Edge, Titanium Edge, Solitaire, and Superia.