List of High PR RSS Feed Submission Sites for SEO Professionals

Currently, Google is the most popular search engine and all websites endeavour to achieve the top listing in Google. The internet has become an indispensable part of everyone’s corporate and personal life. There are currently about 250 million websites on the internet which makes it difficult for the users to filter and obtain the relevant website according to their needs. RSS feeds provides a shortcut for the internet users by checking all the websites and thereby saving their time. RSS feeds contain all the updates of a website, video, images, headings, links etc. There are various “RSS Feed Submission sites” through which we can submit feeds.

What is RSS Feed in SEO?

RSS actually stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an XML structure which was initially designed to share various useful web content. In March 1999, the first RSS feed published and used in Netscape.

RSS Feed Submission Sites
RSS Feed Submission Sites

In 2002, a new RSS feed application called RSS 2.0 published. After Google Reader shut down, RSS feeds became very popular RSS Feeds provides the user’s headlines, latest stories with various experiences from a number of blogs and websites. RSS is a technology that helps to keep track of favorite websites with all collections at one place.

Just like the bookmarking option, RSS Feed submission is the latest version to keep track of updates from the preferred websites. This is an automated process, where just clicking on the ‘subscribe’ option helps in receiving the latest news and provides an interface to observe and browse the feeds. RSS feeds are tremendously important to the webmasters since they are highly involved in SEO. RSS feed is a very effective marketing strategy which helps in increasing and expanding the network day by day.

What are RSS Feed Submission Sites?

RSS feeds serve as an important online marketing and search engine optimization tool. Efficiently optimizing and promoting RSS feed helps in increasing exposure. The current era is the age of digital revolution and innovation. One should keep updated with the constantly changing trends, in order to have a competitive edge in the present scenario. RSS feeds contribute to website optimization by presenting relevant and updated content in front of prospective people. To get these benefits, the feed URL must submit to RSS directories and RSS Engines. These engines will visit the website and crawl through the feed which helps in easy syndication of the website content by efficiently managing time. RSS Feed Submission is a list of notifications on the website.

There is a special computer program known as RSS Aggregator setup which used by RSS directories and engines. It continuously keeps checking for updates. When feeds submitted to the RSS feed Submission sites, they distributed via the syndicated sites. The links from these syndicated sites followed by the search engines giving valuable backlinks to the website.

The 5 steps involved in RSS feed submission are:

  • Visit the desired RSS URL
  • Click on “promote your content”
  • Select the niche category
  • Enter the feed URL
  • Click on submit

Webmasters create accounts on the RSS directories and they post the RSS feeds to provide updated information to the visitors. Also, webmasters save a lot of time and energy as they can avoid manual submission by making use of the special software which automatically sends the RSS feeds to RSS directories.

Why choose High Page Rank RSS feed Submission Sites for SEO?

High Page Rank RSS feed submission sites submit the domain to directories which increase the number of visitors. They help in increasing visibility of the site. People visiting the website also help in earning profits when client and visitors refer the website and its contents to others. Thus, when the blogs submitted to RSS feeds, it becomes the daily visited domain. These RSS feed submission sites enhance the network of clients and readers by submitting it to the RSS feeds. It helps in increasing the traffic to a website and is a good way to raise the profile, social media, for new business opportunities and online presence in the national and international market network.

High page rank RSS feed Submission sites listed and displayed in websites to promote and help people uploading feeds and also to gain high-quality backlinks. They help in submitting articles and blogs and improve the quality network of the website.

Implementation of SEO using RSS feeds:

The channel title should contain keywords and also information regarding the theme of the RSS feed. The channel title plays a very important role in attracting and impressing visitors.

Readers will judge RSS feeds on the quality of the content and hence all aspects of the web feed should be optimized. Avoid grammatical errors as it will reduce the writer’s credibility and the number of subscribers.

The channel description should be written to capture the interest of readers and it must provide a complete overview regarding the RSS feed contents.

Search engines use anchor text to determine the presence of certain keywords or phrases in a website. With the help of RSS feeds, the webmasters have the unique opportunity to decide the anchor text which used to link to other web pages. When including links back to a website in the item description field, an anchor text that is a relevant keyword or phrase can be used.

Heading tags and RSS feed URLs must contain keywords. Adding images helps in enhancing its appearance in the RSS reader. 

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Benefits of RSS feed in SEO:

RSS feeds helps in increasing the web traffic to the sites by providing them with the latest updated content every time they open the RSS reader. RSS feed avoids email spam filters. Most of the newsletters sent by websites get lost in the junk mails of the users. However, the updates of RSS feeds reach the subscribers effectively. If a feed that is of particular interest to a webmaster, they can post the content on their site with a simple JavaScript code. This is another great traffic opportunity for the website.

Publisher Benefits:

  • Reaching near new audiences through syndication
  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Easier and less expensive vehicle for communication than email
  • Advance ways to communicate with potential customers

Visitors RSS Benefits:

  • No personal information details in order to subscribe to an RSS feed
  • 100% opt-in, users control the content they wish to receive
  • Faster method for scanning content
Here is a list of RSS Submission Sites:
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