What is a Classified in SEO? and List of Classifieds Sites India to Boost Rankings

A classified is the type of the document providing all type of different categories related to the advertisements such as find consumers to purchase to sell to or from as well as fix prices and bargain about different varieties of products. Classifieds sites India is a place where people can buy and sell things and they are categorized and classified by:


  • Job boards.
  • Real state websites.
  • Second-hand items.
  • Fashion and lifestyle websites.


  • By Countries
  • By state
  • Bytown
  • By Cities

As you see classified sites where you can get everything at one place. Classified sites in India are the hub for the seller and buyers to sell or buy new and old products. Most of the classified websites are free to use, you can drive the targeted traffic to your business. They allow you to put URL/links so that you can put your links in classified websites and this will help to expand your business. Classified in SEO means you can use SEO tools to make your website on top ranking so how can you handle SEO for classified websites.

Classifieds Sites India
Classifieds Sites India

Things to Focus:

The main thing is ensuring that the main elements of the classified ads are included in the:

  • URL
  • Title
  • The opening of the body copy

For an instance, If the advertisement topic is a car for sale, ensure that make the model of the car as well as the title is in the URL. And the main thing to focus is advertisement content description should be appropriate. This will ensure that advertisement provides value to the user. And ensure that each ad is canonicalized to its own URL to avoid potential duplicate content. Mainly focus on online page optimization like creating all Meta tags properly according to the search engine operation and proper utilization of content and images. Also, check out List of Worldwide Classified Sites.

What is the Role of Classified in SEO? 

SEO or search engine optimization is the combination of various techniques and ideas that can help a website gain recognition on the internet. To implement a successful SEO campaign you need an SEO expert who is well versed with latest search engine algorithms. Classified site in India is the best medium for placing online web advertisement and advertisement will easily promote business. SEO is very broad and comprehensive strategy. For an SEO campaign to be an overall success. It is very important to give equal priority in every aspect that is associated with it. A classified website is the core part of promoting business online. SEO strategy is very essentials for any classified website because it comprises of the following elements.

  • Content Optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Image optimization
  • On- page optimization
  • Keyword analyses
  • Link building
  • Off-page optimization.

The role of classified sites in SEO is classified sites are the categories advertisement site where you can post ads free. There you don’t need to pay. There a large number of classified sites India where you can promote your business very efficiently without any pay. The reason behind why these sites are classified sites because they used proper SEO architecture from meta tag to unique content everything is valuable so these sites are in the category of classified sites. These sites allow you to post an ad to your promote your business at a free of cost. If you are searching for something such as cloths, hostel. Second-hand electronics instrument anything, classified sites are the best option. So In order to make benefits from classified ad posting. Make sure that directories have good page rank and this can be achieved by the utilization of SEO tools and techniques.

Value of Indian Classifieds Sites to Rank websites

Websites give so much significance to Classified sites as they rank their websites linked to a specific ad.  Just as how the Classified ads section of an old-school newspaper, Indian Classified sites play a significant role in the life of most websites. Not because they are easy to manage by just posting your ad to it, but also the general traffic is drawn better in this strategy.

Customers want it fast, concise and straightforward in the search results they wanted to find. It could be a product, a job or a how-to guide of some sort. Classified sites have a feature that these audiences can easily scan through the list of ads being posted. Thus the more traffic prefers this inquiry-solving research. If more traffic is attracted then the plausible effect is the faster gain of backlinks or referrals rather than just commenting or reading through one whole article. The more backlinks, the more link juice is produced for your site which in return created the ranking you desire.

The majority of online entrepreneurs have ranked Classified sites to be the best medium in promoting their services. This gives a positive insight on why Classified sites are highly valued as a whole. As for Classified sites in India, the same impression goes with most online marketers for this is a simple and fast resort in getting ranks in search engines.

How to find Indian Classified Sites on the Internet

Search engines are designed to search things easier by keying keywords on the search bar. This makes an easier means to search for Classified sites in India. But by searching for plain sites for your ads aren’t the real issue. Many online entrepreneurs who created these Classified sites aren’t as authoritative compared to some. You may have tried to bump on a Classified site, without scrutinizing their features and milestones in bringing other ads to the ranking. If it is so, then you might be just building your business like a slowpoke.

Finding the good one, specifically, the High Page Rank Classified sites in India, can take some time and sweat. A lot of these sites can promote themselves to have good quality services. Some may just be bluffing out their accomplishments in order to catch interested online marketers. Some things are for sure like the idea that there is no absolute site that can raise your ranks immediately. But to identify the best of these sites, the usual procedure is to try the site itself for some time and see if there are good results after 2 months or so. The immediate reply of their customer service section or comments area can help predetermine the quality of their work. These suggestions are very helpful in creating good decisions for your ad posting career.

Some expert online marketers have gathered the best high page rank Classified sites for you. What’s good is that they tried to experiment with them. They saw for themselves which site is highly responsive in attracting referral traffic. To assist you in your search, even for the suggested high page rank sites, compare the sites mostly mentioned on every expert online marketer’s account. If it’s repeated in most of their blogs then that site has created a good name for Classified sites in India.

Why should you choose High PR Classified for SEO? 

High PR classified India sites are the extremely active websites. The most influential way to promote your business online is choosing high PR classified sites because these sites have extra authority, High PR classified India sites play a vital role in SEO today. With the help of classified sites, we can introduce our website, blogs to various relevant categories to get good backlink along with high traffic, branding, promotion and indexing privilege. These sites provide quality black links which help in getting a top search result that is useful for gaining high traffic. So you have a website? And you are looking for high PR classified sites India for SEO, obliviously yes. How will you do that?

Many things come to minds for creating backlinking. So here a number of classified websites where you can submit your website with content and category. These websites provide free classified advertisements for selling and buying. For example, items in real estate, jobs, services, matrimonial, personals, vehicle, employment, insertions of advertisement into print media, rentals, tickets, and travel all over the cities in India.

  • Quikr.com
  • Locanto
  • OLX
  • Craigslist.co.in
  • Click.in
  • Vivastreet.co.in
  • ClickIndia.com
  • Xoocal.com
  • VooClick.com

These are the best-classified website of India. All you can do just promote your product here, free and without registration classified sites and heavy traffic go first response. Push up your business career by using these high PR sites because the most important thing about classified sites is since websites are easy to use. And for small business who cannot afford themselves to promote within the organic listing, they can easily sell their product and services easily. Also, check out the List of Indian Classifieds Sites.

What are the Benefits of Classified websites in SEO?

Classified sites India is the best way to promote business. Especially for those who can’t budget the other forms of advertising. There are several advantages such as you can promote your business at thousand of the classified websites. You can easily sell your stuff and buy or you can advertise your business free of cost by submitting free classified ads. Here we give you brief introductions about the benefits of classified websites in SEO.

Benefits of Classified websites are as follows: 

  • The target audience of your project: Classified sites encourage a customer to look up at your business websites so that more and more people see your website and buy from you. This is the very effective solution for gaining online traffic. Because more than 6 billion people search daily and buy a thing from classified websites. If you attached your link to the classified website so that people notice you and response you back.
  • Increase sell: the Classified website is the fastest way to index your website in the search engine such as Google, ping, and Yahoo etc. By submitting a classified ad in the classified website your advertisement post goes viral and if your business seeker that will definitely increase your sell. So if you are considering selling, now is the time. Thousands of potential buyers are the in their at the classified website India, so take advantage of the opportunity to sell the items and expand your business enormously. While advertising online always create a catchy title to get your reader attention.
  • Free availability: Free classified websites allows a user to sell their products and services without spending advertisement cost. So why pay to place ad if there are several classified websites that offer their service for nothing. The best part most of the classified website help online marketer, advertiser, and freelancer to promote their services.
  • Increase online presence of any business: Classified websites in India is one of the best options to increase the visibility. Like everything constantly evolving digital world. SEO practices constantly change and improve depending on the presence of online use. So classified website in India is simply another place where you can expand your business in a much shorter amount of time.
  • Easy to use: Most classified sites in India are easy to navigate and user-friendly and as well as browser friendly. Truly is the easiest way to increase your business aggregately.
Here is a List of High Page Rank Classifieds Sites India:
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